Ummmm...would it be to much to request a small set of Ichihime icons? >.< Please and thank you!

- Anonymous

…… OTP…………

[looks into the distance]

…….yes. yes, I will do this. I will undertake this task…….

[glasses gleam]

[differnt anon from...well, all of the other anons] I think it's really cool that you take a lot of requests like that; even if it takes you a while to do them, which is completely understandable, it's pretty nice of you. I don't know many great colorers like you who'll do stuff like that, so, thanks for having the option at all.

- Anonymous

GOSH, what is it with you guys being so sweet to me?? I really have the nicest followers ever, thank you all for being so wonderful and considerate ♥♥♥

Ahh could you do colored icons of kazehaya and sawako together from kimi ni todoke? Your icons are so nicely done ahhhhhhh

- Anonymous

oh gosh, three requests in one day! okay, but please bear with me if it takes a while—school is starting to wind down which means it will be finals season, and icons take me a long time, too v.v

my request is kakashi from naruto...:) :) :) btw your edits are incredible

- Anonymous

okay! and thank you very much, you all are so sweet v/////v

Oh thanks so much! It was tough to choose but could you do the 9 icon set thing you do [it's absolutely the greatest] of Pin Sensei from Kimi ni Todoke? That would make me so happy ^~^

PIN!!! yes yes yes, I will! He’s such a fun character :D

Your colorings and edits are gorgeous <3

thank you so much ♥

I love how you're very good at using a sort of minimalist style in some colorings, while in others the prints you use are very elaborate. Either way, both techniques are lovely! Great job!

- Anonymous

oh goshhhhhhhhhhhhh, what a lovely thing to say!!! I’m so glad that both turn out good enough for you guys.

to be honest, the style usually depends on the difficulty of the background. I’m rather lazy v.v;;;